BioVex T (Chlorine Dioxide): EPA Approved COVID-19 Disinfectant


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BioVex T (Chlorine Dioxide) is an EPA approved COVID-19 disinfectant with a registration number of 9804-1. 

Environmentally friendly, BioVex leaves no residue or carcinogens behind and requires no rinse.

Combine one 16-ounce concentrate with the activation packet and produce 5-gallons of disinfectant.

Choose between individual bottles or a 12-pack for the best value.

– One 16-ounce concentrate bottle = 5-gallons ($25.99 per gallon)

– Twelve 16-ounce concentrate bottles = 60-gallons ($21.95 per gallon)

The shelf life for the concentrate bottles is 1-year, and once activated, the shelf life is 7-days.
*Not available for sale in California.

BioVex’s proprietary chemistry works by attacking the surfaces of microbes and breaking them down. It works immediately on contact and remains working until dried. 

Environmentally friendly, it leaves no residue or carcinogens behind and requires no rinse. It is non-corrosive, non-toxic; it kills mold and mildew and eliminates odors. It is highly effective on all hard non-porous surfaces and is safe to apply on most porous surfaces as a sanitizer. 

BioVex has a low toxicity. It poses no skin, eye, or inhalation irritation, is safe to touch, and does not require downtime after applying.

Use BioVex T as part of a daily routine to disinfect high-traffic areas. You can use it in electrostatic sprayers, spray bottles, mop buckets, or other cleaning applications at 500 PPM. Additionally, you can be dilute it to 200 PPM (2.5:1 dilution required) and 50 PPM for food contact surfaces (9:1 dilution ratio).

BioVex is designed to be diluted with water – making it affordable and highly effective. 

The 3-step process is simple to use.

– Step 1: Pour activation powder into BioVex concentration.

– Step 2: Shake for 20-seconds to thoroughly mix the powder and concentration.

– Step 3: Mix concentration with water as directed.

BioVex T comes in a 16-ounce concentrate bottle. Each 16-ounce bottle makes 5-gallons of disinfectant that is safe, organic, and approved by the EPA to kill COVID-19. Therefore, twelve 16-ounce bottles of BioVex T will produce 60-gallons! 

The concentrate bottles have a shelf life of over a year, and once they are activated, they have a shelf life of 7-days. 

If you care about your health and want to use an EPA approved disinfectant to kill COVID-19, then BioVex T is the solution for you!


  • EPA List N registration #: 9804-1
  • Active Ingredient: Chlorine Dioxide
  • Eco-friendly – leaves no residue or carcinogens behind and requires no rinse
  • Food-safe
  • Low toxicity: poses no skin, eye, or inhalation irritation
  • Designed to be diluted with tap water
  • One 16-oz concentrate makes 5-gallons of disinfectant
  • Concentrate bottles have a shelf life of 1-year, once activated it has a 7-day shelf life
  • Simple 3-Step Process
    • Pour activation powder into concentrate
    • Shake for 20-seconds
    • Mix with water as directed

*Discounts available for bulk orders

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