Pentamag Ultimate optical technology


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The combination of optics and ergonomics allows for clear, comfortable, and efficient operation in a neutral position


PENTAMAG changes the light path downward by 45 degrees so that surgery is possible even in a neutral position.This exceptional ergonomic design reduces the strain on the cervical spine and relieves neck and back pain while alleviating eye strain.

With an average adult head weighting 4.5-5.4kg(99-11.9lb), tilting the head down increases the gravitational pull on the skull.

Long-term forward neck posture may lead to is a collection of symptoms that often manifests as neck & back pain, shoulder tension, stiffness and headaches.

Exceptional Clarity


To achieve superior optical performance, we applied a multi-layer coating to reduce reflections on the lens, thereby increasing light transmission. In addition, chromatic aberration is prevented by applying a low-dispersion lens.

Deep Depth of Focus

It has an improved depth of field and a large field of view to maintain sharp focus even when the patient is moving or the user needs to adjust their posture.

Wide Field of View

The large field of view and striking depth of field allow easy visualization of the entire treatment area.

Pentamag Series

  •   Pain-free :  Neutral posture enable relieves neck pain and back pain
  •   High light transmittance low chromatic aberration
  •   The depth of field is deep and even the periphery is clear, so it is easy to observe the target area
  •   Our personalized technology helps clinicians do their best
  •   Ultra light-weight, so allowing you to work comfortably all day long
Magnification Field Of View Depth Of Field Weight (Glasses frame included)
3.0X 90mm 130mm 52g
4.0X 72mm 90mm 52g
5.0X 60mm 62mm 53g
5.8X 56mm 60mm 53g
7.2X 50mm 55mm 53g
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