Glowhite Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Strips Refills Twin Pack 2 X 28 for use with L.E.D. Blue Light Timer


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Are you struggling with yellow teeth, bad breath and unhealthy gums? Have you tried several methods to get rid of these, but it seems like there is no solution? It may seem that there is no way to fix bad teeth without surgery, but we are here to tell you that there is indeed a way to get a brighter smile. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get white teeth. The solution is our affordable teeth whitening strip combined with blue light technology.


Never heard of it before? Here are some amazing facts about our teeth whitening strip:

  • Teeth-whitening strips are exactly what they sound like: light and transparent plastic strips infused with fast-acting teeth whitening technology. Our light teeth whitening strips can be used with the blue light technology for remarkably shiny teeth. True, using just the strips work, but with the blue light technology present, you will be amazed at how much difference you will see in only a few days.
  • It leaves absolutely no mess. The strip has a gel on it which will work on your tooth. To use our teeth whitening strip, all you have to do is pull out the soft strip from the plastic film and place the surface with the gel directly on your tooth. Adjust it so that the edge of the strip is aligned correctly to your gum and gently press down to ensure that it stays on the tooth surface. Our kit has strips for both the upper and lower part of your mouth. So, repeat this same process for the teeth on the lower part of your mouth. Keep this in your mouth for thirty minutes, then turn on the blue light for ten minutes. It automatically turns off once the time is up. Remove, discard the used teeth whitening strips and brush your teeth to completely clean off all gel residues. That’s it!
  • They are 100% safe to use. Our teeth whitening strips with blue light technology contain ingredients which are not harmful to your enamel or gum. Approved by regulatory agencies, it contains has more than twenty fragrances which will give your mouth a lovely scent.

Are our teeth whitening strips right for you? Here is a checklist to help you decide:

  • A cost-effective option: Getting your severely discolored teeth to become a sparkling white usually involves a lot of money. For example, laser treatment is no walk in the park. You may have visited the dentist and been given a wide range of options which are certainly above what you can afford. If you fall into this category, then our teeth whitening strips with blue light technology are just perfect for you. It is incredibly affordable and requires no considerable preparation.
  • Very effective: Our teeth whitening strips are very effective individually. This fact is backed up by research done by dental experts. Several studies have shown that depending on the level of teeth discoloration, you can begin to see huge results in as little as a week! Imagine moving from terribly bad teeth to shiny teeth and healthy gums in under a week. It may sound impossible, but not with our teeth whitening strips. These strips combined with the blue light technology produces even better results. The light penetrates into your enamel and gets to work on removing every form of coloration fast.
  • Very easy to use: Not everyone likes to fiddle about with complicated gadgets. No manual required; no research necessary. Take the strips out, place them on your teeth for the recommended time and go about your daily activities with no interruption. Our teeth whitening strips will in no way interrupt your everyday life as they will stick to your teeth throughout the time you place them there. No pains, no discomfort. It really is lovely for you.

This is a purchase worth making. Simply visit our website to get our effective teeth whitening strip with blue light technology. Say hello to brighter smiles and healthy teeth!