Posted by Patrick Edouard on 31st Oct 2019

It’s often said that the best feature of the human face is a smile. A popular Les Brown quote says “Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you”.

Basically, a great bright smile is an easy friend maker and can even get you in places you probably couldn’t if you kept a frown. I’m supposed to tell you here not to take the last part of that statement serious but you wouldn’t know until you try for yourself. *wink*

Anyway, some people are born with their million-dollar smile but for some, there might be the need to artificially create your perfect smile and that’s why this article exists. Let’s help you choose how you create your perfect white smile.

For this lesson, we’ll be comparing two of the products that can give you your pearly white teeth. Crest Whitestrips Blue Light kit and the Glowhite Whitening Strips and LED Blue Light. Let’s begin by explaining what these products are.

The Crest Whitestrips Blue Light Kit is a unique blue light system that utilizes the same kind of technology dentists use for teeth whitening and whitens teeth two times better than regular peroxide. The blue light helps to weaken the stains so the whitening gel works better. The gel also contains peroxide which enters your enamel after being triggered by the blue light and takes off all the weak stains.

Glowhite Whitening Strips, on the other hand, are just as you would imagine. They’re light transparent strips that are infused with teeth whitening technology. One added advantage of the strips is you can use them in tandem with the LED blue light for even better results as well as on their own.

So what do these products have in common? Well, they are both DIY teeth whitening products that need little to no professional aid to use properly. They also boast fast and healthy teeth whitening procedures as well but let’s look through between the lines and decide which is the best option.

For Crest Whitestrips Blue Light Kit, here are the pros

The light system breaks up the stains on the teeth which helps the gel work efficiently

Results from this procedure can last up to 3 years

Stains as old as five or six years old can be removed

However, as with anything with pros, here are the cons

If you have sensitive teeth, you might feel some irritation due to how strong the device is

Unlike strips, the blue light whitening treatment takes a lot of time for the treatment to be completed.

This product isn’t designed to cover all of your teeth, only visible teeth in the front of your mouth.

For the Glowhite Whitening Strips and LED Blue Light, there are also pros and cons that come with it. Let’s go through the pros

They are very easy to use and do not require a prescription

They are very safe to use and do not harm your enamel or gums in any way

Works super-fast, getting you from bad teeth to super shiny in a week

Relatively affordable

For the cons,

If you wear braces, the strips might damage them

Dental restorations like fillings in the teeth could be affected

Can’t be used by children

Many dentists recommend you use strips as this method of application means extended direct contact with the teeth which would bring better results. If you’re struggling with bad breath or unhealthy gums, then teeth whitening strips are perfect for you and with the added advantage of the LED blue light technology, you can expect an evident change in a couple of days.

The whitening process is pretty straightforward as well, there are strips for both the upper and lower part of the mouth so to use, just place the part of the strip with the cleansing gel on the teeth, keep in your mouth for about thirty minutes and then turn on the blue light for another 10 minutes after that is done. Done with that, all that is left to do is dump the used strips and brush your teeth to clean off all the gel residues.

Glowhite Whitening Strips also contains fragrances that are guaranteed to leave your mouth with a nice scent.

Picking the wrong products when it comes to teeth whitening can be very dangerous that’s why I would advise you check the ingredients before purchasing as whichever whitener you decide on needs to contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the main active agent. Only whiteners that contain peroxide would be able to remove both surface stains and deep stains from the teeth. Also, endeavor to check that the product you’re getting does not contain chlorine dioxide as that damages the teeth and can cause tooth enamel erosion.

The end goal is to get whiter teeth and the Glowhite Whitening Strips and LED blue light is the fastest and more affordable way to achieve this when compared to Crest Whitestrips Blue Light kit. None of both products are suitable for kids and both should be used as directed on the package.