EVO 3.5x (Generation 2)

Hero Loupes

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LEVEL UP with the world's smallest and lightest Ergo-Loupes™. Made from durable aerospace aluminum, the Hero Loupes® EVO™ weighs only 42 grams.


Five Features of EVO:

  • 49° to 60° deflection
  • Alleviates neck and back pain
  • Direct vision is not blocked
  • Smallest and lightest - the size of a quarter
  • Adjustable


The Hero Loupes® EVO™ 3.5x has the same magnification as conventional 3.5x loupes because we have considered the change in posture and working distance. This saves on the cost of purchasing a higher magnification to compensate for the change in distance.

Featured by CDA, Dental Vibes, and Posturedontics, Hero Loupes® has won a US utility patent award for its innovation. Buy the EVO™ today to protect your dental career and start seeing differently!



EVO 3.5x

Weight: 42 g

Field of View: 95 mm

Depth of Field: (Adjustable) 80 mm


EVO 5x

Weight: 42 g

Field of View: 70 mm

Depth of Field: (Adjustable) 55 mm


EVO 8x

Weight: 42 g

Field of View: 45 mm

Depth of Field: (Adjustable) 40 mm


Wait time: 2 weeks