Implant Gap Sealer - Anti-Bacterial Implant-Abutment Gap Sealer


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- Guarantees a sealing of gaps and hallows spaces between implant and abutment
- Eliminates the infections risk by possible germ accumulation
- Antibiotics-free bacteria-resisting formula
- Ideal for screw-retained restorations, recommended for cemented procedures

Gap Seal is based on a special composition, which includes a silicone matrix that creates an effective barrier to bacteria. This material is used immediately after implant placement. Thus, the implant is protected from the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Gapseal is decisive against peri-implantitis. It seals implant gaps and hollow spaces. Durably stops the infiltration of germs into the hollow spaces and eliminating the risk of reinfection of the tissue. Quick and easy handling and application. Each carpule supports enough material for 2-3 implants. Successful 18-year clinical study of the University Dusseldorf, Germany.

Application Area:

GapSeal is ideal for the sealing of capillary gaps and hollow spaces of all implants. It should be used from the very beginning, immediately after installation of the implant. It is recommended to use GapSeal again for each further opening of the implant. prior to placing a healing cap, an abutment or a final restoration.


  •     Seals implant gaps and hollow spaces
  •     Durably stops infiltration of germs into the hollow spaces
  •     Eliminating the risk of reinfection of the tissue
  •     Effectively avoids the main reason for peri-implantitis
  •     Successful 18-year clinical study of the University Düsseldorf, Germany
  •     Quick and easy handling and application due to the special applicator (autoclavable)
  •     Each carpule supports enough material for 2 – 3 implants


Peri-implant infections are the pathological conditions - inflammation and ulceration of the soft tissues surrounding dental implants. Similar to a natural tooth, bacteria can build upon the implant base, below the gum line. Over time, it continuously irritating the gum tissue, so it becomes inflamed and damaging the tissue. In the late stages, it can cause the bone structure below the implant to deteriorate. It starts as the mucositis, which is a reversible host response to periodontal pathogens. The second stage is the peri-implantitis - destructive inflammatory process that affects both soft and hard tissue around the dental implant. Peri-implantitis is a much more severe disease and leads to bone loss. This Implant Gap Sealer is a highly effective anti-bacterial material based on a viscous silicone matrix. It closes micro-gaps at the two-component implant systems, making it impenetrable for the bacteria and preventing infection. The main indication is the screw-retained suprastructures because of the gaps and threads that are the most vulnerable target for the pathogenic bacteria. However, this product is also recommendable for cemented works, as the cement can be also penetrated by bacteria and germs providing access to the interior of the implants. Just apply a couple of gel drops to the implants immediately after the insertion and close by inserting a cover screw/abutment. The implant is now protected.