Full System Starter Bundle | Magnetic Entry Strip + Zipper Starter Kit


20.00 LBS
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Make your next job easier with RE-U-ZIP's Full System Bundle featuring both our Magnetic Entry Strip and Reusable Dust Barrier options!


 Full System Starter Bundle | Magnetic Entry Strip +  Zipper Starter Kit


1 Reusable, Lockable Dust Barrier Zipper

1 Reusable, Self-Closing Magnetic Entry Strip

6 Disposable Mounting Strips 

1 Zipper Drawstring Carry Bag

1 Magnetic Entry Strip Drawstring Carry Bag



Magnetic Entry Strip | Self-Closing

Work smarter, not harder with this game-changing, magnetic entry strip from RE-U-ZIP.  Turn any plastic barrier into a hands-free, self-closing entryway in just minutes! Reusable and durable, the magnetic, hands-free barrier entry combines heavy-duty magnets with an innovative, compact design, creating a product that is strong enough to get the job done but small enough to be easily transported and stored.  Our innovative hook & loop system allows you to attach the Magnetic Entry Strip to any custom size barrier to create a self-closing entryway that fits the needs of your project.

✅ Reliably Holds Over 5 Pa of Air Pressure!
✅ Customize Door Size and Barrier Material
✅ No Poles or Special Tools Required
✅ Easily Handles High Traffic
✅ Super Compact Design For Easy Storage
✅ Interchanges with Our Dust Barrier Zippers
✅ A Fraction of the Cost of Pre-Fab Doors
✅ Reusable

Zipper Pro Bundle™ 

With our innovative adhesive hook & loop design, we have eliminated all major pain points associated with single-use disposable dust barrier zippers. (Jam-Proof, Break-Resistant, Separation-Resistant, Reusable) Made from durable materials, our eco-friendly solution is designed to improve project efficiency while saving you time and money.

✅ Convenient to Keep Track of Your Zippers
✅ Choose from 5 Vibrant Colors
✅ Jam-Proof and Break-Resistant
✅ High-Grade Adhesive for Reliable Grip
✅ Locking Feature (Deter Unwanted Entry)
✅ Interchanges with Our Magnetic Entry Strip
✅ Low Per Use Cost 
✅ Quick and Easy Install 
✅ Machine Washable
✅ Eco-Friendly
✅ Reusable
 (Zipper Dimensions: 80" x 2")

Mounting Strips:

These easy to use, peel & stick mounting strips help you maximize the value and extend the lifespan of your RE-U-ZIP Dust Barrier Entry Systems. Equipped with a high-quality adhesive backing, these mounting strips only require an ordinary utility blade to cut and are fully compatible with both the zipper and magnetic products. 

(Optimal adhesive operating range: 59-150F / 15-65C) 



Use RE-U-ZIP Cable Locks to secure your zipper job-site via our built-in grommet. (sold separately)


Hold Open Your Entryway

Use our Fastener Tabs(sold separately) to secure open your entry. Hole open from flaps side-to-side or use them for your Magnetic Flap Door or Zipper Roll-Up Door configuration.