Magnetic Door Kit | FR Ultra-Clear


20.00 LBS
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Our +Magnetic Door Kit option gives you the most versatile and highest functioning self-closing barrier solution on the market. 

Reusable, Cut-to-Size 5x9 Ft Barrier

✅Ultra-Clear & Fire-Rated NFPA-701

✅Durable 16 Mil Premium Vinyl

✅Holds Seal Under Negative-Air Pressure (5 pa+)

✅Does Not Require Tension Poles

✅ Attaches with Reliable Hook & Loop Fastener Strips 

✅ Works with Irregular Shaped Openings

✅ Easily Wipes Clean

Our highly versatile kit works for entryways up to 5x9ft. Simply cut the Ultra-Clear Barrier™ to your desired size, and affix it utilizing our reliable hook & loop Fastener Strips™.  Using our +Magnetic Entry Strip, create a self-closing opening in your barrier at your desired entry point in just minutes!

Your customized door provides fire-resistance, high visibility, durability for high traffic areas, a reliable hold, and the option to adjust, remove, and reuse it!  


-Barrier Panel  (5 x 9ft cut-to-size)

-Fastener Strips (Affix Barrier Panel to walls or ceiling)

-Magnetic Entry Strip™ (Create a self-closing opening in your barrier) 



Purchase RE-U-ZIP Fastener Tabs™ to Hold Open Your Entry

Conveniently hold open your entry utilizing our reliable Fastener Tabs™. Use for easier wheelchair access or passage of instrument carts.  For wider access, consider our +Magnetic Flap Door™. These tabs would then be used to secure the flap in the up and open position. 


Prevent Barrier Tear Under Long-Term Use. (Follow the recommendations below)


PRO TIP: Removing Crease Lines in Barrier Panel: 

You may consider using a steamer, hairdryer, heat gun, or iron.  Start on lower heat and avoid direct contact to prevent damage to the vinyl. When using an iron start on low heat and increase as needed. Do not iron directly onto vinyl. Place a bedsheet or similar type of cloth over the barrier and then apply heat to the protective layer.